The EMP Program

Emotional Management Program

What is the Emotional Management Program?

The Emotional Management Program (EMP) is a four week adult inpatient program. The program is designed to help people develop skills to regulate their emotions, cope with relationship difficulties and during periods of distress. The treatment approach draws from the therapeutic principles of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT).

Program Aims

To assist in the growth and development of skills to manage distress and challenging emotions. The main therapeutic framework of this program is informed by Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT).

Therapy frameworks include psychoeducation and skill acquisition from components such as Emotional Regulation, Distress Tolerance, Interpersonal effectiveness and Mindfulness.

Program Structure

The program is designed to provide education, skill development and other activities to enhance one’s recovery. Morning sessions are skills-based groups. Afternoon sessions are complementary to the morning groups, and may include Music Therapy, Art Therapy, gentle exercise, Mindful activities, discussion groups or other activity groups. All groups are compulsory and attended daily across the Monday - Friday span throughout the four-week admission.

Who could benefit from the Emotional Management Program?

This program is most suitable for people who experience long-standing difficult emotions or periods of distress that impact upon their quality of life, relationships and self-worth. The program can also assist with impulsive, suicidal or self-harming behaviours by presenting alternative coping strategies.

This program is relevant to people with a range of concerns such as Borderline Personality traits, PTSD or trauma related experiences.


All referrals are directed to The Melbourne Clinic intake, who will triage the referral. Our intake team will answer any questions about referrals or to discuss requirements of the program.

Any questions regarding this program can be directed to:

Catherine Cronin

Emotional Management Program Coordinator

Phone: 03 9487 4657


Emotional Management Program Flyer

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